[AI] Disclosing disability in CV

Sameer salatey at gawab.com
Sun Apr 25 03:55:35 EDT 2010

Dear Friends,

We recently had a discussion on whether we should disclose our disability 
during the ongoing national census. I wish to know the members' viewpoints 
on disclosure of disability in job interviews in cases where there is no 

I seek the members' views on the following queries.

  1.. Whether we should disclose our disability in the CV sent to 
prospective employers, job consultants or posted on various job portals?
  2.. In case we decide to disclose our disability in the CV, where should 
it be disclosed? Assuming the CV has 4 sections - General Information, 
Educational record, work experience & salary details, where should the 
disability be disclosed & in what manner?
  3.. In case we are called for a job interview, should we check in advance 
whether the company will be willing to consider us inspite of our 
disability? This query is more relevant in case we have not disclosed our 
disability in the CV since some blind friends who had not disclosed their 
blindness were refused permission even to appear for the interview when they 
reached the employer's office. Also, it has been observed that inspite of 
disclosing disability, interviewers tend to skip over the information & they 
are surprised when they realize the interviewee is blind.

Seeking the learned members views on the above queries.


Mr. Sameer Latey,
Mumbai, India 

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