[AI] regarding internet banking.

Madhav Chandra Das madhavchandra83 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 00:52:00 EDT 2010

There are two sections for net banking in SBI.
The main website onlinesbi.com is used by the sighted users.
There is a separate section for the visually impaired people.
Firstly, you will be allowed to log in to that special website.
I would like to tell you that on that website, you cannot avail all
the banking facilities such as you cannot transfer money to any third
party account.
You have limited access.
If you have two accounts in SBI, You can transfer money from one
account to another.
You can check your balance.
Once you feel comfortable in using net banking on the special website
for the visually impaired, give an application to your branch.
They will authorize you to use main website. You will get separate log
in ID and password.
Then only you can enjoy full-fledged net banking.
The key combination Alt+0 can be used to lock the internet bank account.

Madhav Chandra Das


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