[AI] A suggestion Re: [VV] one more quary in ms powerpoint

Amar Jain amarjain2006 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 20:55:11 EDT 2010

As always, intelligent person, brilliant suggestion!
So bhaiya, what's up.
This will be particularly good because for these things people will not need 
to read the whole big big help documents.
And there are some ways of doing any work which are not in help files but we 
people use it confidently so it will be guide for everyone.
Many bloggers are there on AI so they may think on it.
I strongly support this idea.
With this I suggest that at least there should one resource which contain 
links to all tips or tricks or whatever so that people need not to browse 
the different different things. And everyone might not know about different 
For example tiny hacker.
 Its not a piracy related site please!
It offers you search feature, and when searched you get the short 
description image and the link. So you can read full post of your interest.
Lets hear from others...
Amar Jain.
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Subject: [AI] A suggestion Re: [VV] one more quary in ms powerpoint

> Hi all,
> It so good to see such a good explanation. Can I suggest something, it
> would be great if such notes is done like a blog post. So that many
> would benefit. Also another biggest advantage is doing so isthat if in
> the future, respective software comes with an update and if the steps
> changes, it will be easy to add the same to existing blog post.
> Although, these emails are archieved, we cannot edit them.
> This is now encouraging me to write a few blog posts like how to use
> social networking, how to blog etc. Will do so soon. Thanks Aparna.
> Thoughts?
> Srini
> On 4/25/10, Aparna <aparnaagrwl at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
>>     Hi,
>> For copy/ cut a slide, go to the Slide thumb nails tab. This can be done 
>> by
>> pressing F6 till jaws says Slide thumbnails tab. In this tab you can move
>> around the slides by navigating through arrow keys. the moment you arrive 
>> on
>> the slide that you want to copy/ cut, you can press control c/ control x 
>> and
>> paste it at the desired location.
>> Another way to do it is ..
>> Go to view in the menu bar, select slide sorter in that. you will get all
>> slides in a consolidated format, you can then copy/ cut/ delete/ move the
>> slide by using respective sshortcut keys like control C/ ccontrol X and 
>> so
>> on. Remember in the slide sorter view you can navigate within slides with
>> the help of arrow keys. you can then change the view to normal by going 
>> to
>> menu bar - view - normal.
>> hope this helps
>> Regards,
>> Aparna Agarwal
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>>   hello,
>>   I can delete any slide which i don't want, but i am unable to copy or 
>> cut
>> any slide, so please, suggest me!
>>   keep in mind, i am not asking  about copy or cut text of slide.
>>   With regards,
>>   Bijal
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