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By seeing so many mails on this topic, I am force to say, "this list is not 
for such discussions." mr. mahamad, I remember that you are old member of 
this list. aap ko is baat ko samajna chahiye. baar baar batane ki jarurat 
kyo padati hai? Respected modirator sir, may I request you to take action 
against such members? I may be too harsh, but can't help. Sorry for that.
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> Why do I need to pee often after sex?
> A few hours after I have sex, I start urinating every two to three 
> minutes.
> This is accompanied by a burning sensation and a little itching. Is this
> because of sex?
> GS, Patliputra
> Get a midstream sample of urine examined to rule out a urinary tract
> infection. If the report is normal, your problem could be due to a vaginal
> infection, urethral abrasion or dry intercourse. If it is one of these,
> consult a gynaecologist.
> Why does PMS make me want sex less?
> Some women tend to become more irritable. There are associated symptoms of
> nausea, backache and breast tenderness. There is a feeling of discomfort 
> in
> the whole pelvic region, and, at times, one finds evidence of emotional
> disturbance and a tinge of depression. In others, it is found that the
> sexual drive is enhanced, resulting from, again, increased pelvic
> congestion, insufficient for discomfort but enough to cause intense pelvic
> "awareness".
> Should I get my hymen removed surgically?
> Penetration is not possible as my vaginal opening is too small. How do I
> increase the diameter? Would I require surgery? Secondly, my husband's 
> penis
> is large and not straight when erect. Is it possible to have intercourse
> with a curved penis? Also, is it advisable to have intercourse with a 
> condom
> when lignocaine jelly has been applied?
> TD, Chennai
> Get a gynaecological examination done to see if the hymen is broken or 
> not.
> Sometimes it takes two to three months to break the hymen. Use a lot of
> lubricant. Consult your gynaecologist again after three months if you 
> think
> the hymen is still intact and enquire if a vaginal dilater would help. A
> hymenectomy should be the last resort. It is done to increase the vaginal
> opening. A curved penis should not be a problem. You can use lignocaine
> jelly, but it reduces sensation.
> How safe are condoms?
> Do condoms offer 100 per cent protection? Does one bleed during the first
> sexual experience? If yes, what should be done about it? Can anything be
> done to reduce penetration pain?
> SS, Noida
> Condoms do not offer 100 per cent protection, though they're an effective
> method. And no, it is not necessary to bleed the first time one has sex.
> Also, not always does one experience pain during penetration. However, a
> lubricant may prove beneficial if there is any pain.
> How do female condoms work?
> A female condom is made up of a thin polyurethane pouch with a flexible 
> ring
> at each end. The closed end rests inside the vagina and the ring at the 
> open
> end rests outside the vagina, ie on the vulva. If it is used in the right
> way, it's effective up to 95 per cent.
> Advantages: One can insert a female condom eight hours prior to sex. 
> Female
> condoms help in reducing the risk of STDs. For those who are allergic to
> male condoms made from latex, they could be an ideal alternative.
> Disadvantages: Female condoms are a bit uncomfortable to insert and one
> needs to put extra lubricant along with it. It is less effective as 
> compared
> to male condoms, which are effective up to 98 per cent.
> Note: Male and female condoms should not be used at the same time as they
> tend to stick to each other. Condoms should not be stored in the wallet or
> car glove compartment as it might be too warm. They need to be stored in
> cool and dry places. Avoid using condoms that have Nonoxynol-9 
> (spermicide)
> as it irritates the vagina and the anus, which in turn can increase the 
> risk
> of STDs.
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