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Unbelievably true,
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Heavier women and the elderly get more sex. Unbelievably true, read this and
more on the latest findings in sex research.

Smriti Lamech brings you everything that's hot off the press in sex research

Slow down, there's no hurry now! Nils Beckman and his colleagues at the
University of Gothenburg, Sweden, studied sexual attitudes of 1,500 senior
citizens over 30 years. The research showed that the frequency of sexual
intercourse increased as the respondents got older. The figure went up from
38 per cent to 56 per cent for married women, and from 0.8 percent to 12 per
cent for unmarried women. The study, published in the British Medical
Journal, says that more women reported higher sexual satisfaction and almost
all reported more orgasms. Now you know how the elderly gentleman next door
threw his back!

18% rise in frequency of sexual intercourse for married women as years go

Have your cake and eat it too! A study conducted by Dr Bliss Kaneshiro of
the School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii, US, and Marie Harvey,
professor at Oregon State University, US, trashes all past research that
says overweight or obese women are not as sexually active as their fitter
counterparts. Their research shows that 92 per cent of overweight women
reported having a history of sexual intercourse, as opposed to 87 percent of
women with normal body mass index.

5% difference between the number of sexually active overweight women and
their healthier counterparts

Have you ever wondered why he gets his rocks off a lot faster than you?
Neuroscientist Barry R Komisaruk, endocrinologist Carlos Beyer-Flores and
sex researcher Beverly Whipple (yes, it's them good people again!) have the
answer. Seems that women need about 20 minutes of clitoral or G-spot
stimulation to ride the roller coaster, while men can orgasm after 5 to 10
minutes of stimulation. And if, despite his attention, you're not hitting
the high notes often enough (an estimated 24 to37 per cent of women can't
climax), it could be due to smoking, drinking, emotional disorders,
medications or menopause.

24 to 37% of women can't climax

Not that you needed any reason other than sweet release, but neuroscientist
Barry R Komisaruk, endocrinologist Carlos Beyer-Flores, and sex researcher
Beverly Whipple have proved beyond all doubt that masturbating is good for
your health. An orgasm lessens sensitivity to pain, relieves menstrual
cramps and reduces stress. So do it for yourself and get off on natural
highs - the 'happy hormones' oxytocin and dopamine!

The more sex you have, the better your immune system. A study by Wilkes
University, US, revealed that having sex once or twice a week can raise your
immunity by 30 per cent. Supporting this is research by a Bristol University
professor that says regular sex can help firm a woman's stomach and butt
muscles and improve her posture. Abstinence, on the other hand, can lead to
vaginal atrophy - the vaginal opening narrows to an extent where it could be
painful to have sex again. So have more sex and put those gyms out of

Where you are in your menstrual cycle can influence your preference for
manly faces. The Kinsey Institute For Research In Sex, Gender And
Reproduction, US, ran a study that observed the difference in brain activity
when women were shown 56 masculinised and feminised male faces as potential
sex partners. The study offered an insight into the sensory discrimination
and risk processing parameters women use while choosing a mate. Scientists
say the area of the brain that shows the difference is the one involved
indecision-making and reward and risk assessment. The closer women were to
ovulating, the more they preferred masculinised faces, indicative of a high
level of testosterone. So the next time you're close to ovulating and he's
trying to score.perhaps he should lay off the razor?

The number of faces shown to women who took part in the study on facial
preferences during ovulation 56

If candlelight and champagne don't get your juices flowing, don't worry, you
are not alone. Studies show that three out of four women have low libido and
an inability to orgasm. Further investigation showed that sexual dysfunction
is often associated with other health problems, like insulin resistance,
belly fat, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. When made to switch to
a Mediterranean diet - more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes,
nuts(especially walnuts) and olive oil - and made to cut down on red meat,
refined grains and processed foods, they scored better.and how!

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Hello all friends,
             Please, read  this amazing truth.
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Muhammad Fakhruddeen.

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