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In love with love:  Many women are simply in love with the idea of
love – the dating, the so called butterflies in the tummy,
courtship, wedded bliss, forever after. Who doesn’t coo over a couple
in love? But that doesn’t mean you try to build your fairy tale with
every other person that comes your way, right? This behaviour will
only make you come across as desperate, not attractive.

The ‘you complete me’ syndrome: Women, usually with low self image,
feel ‘incomplete’ unless they find themselves a man. They see being in
a relationship as one of the prime factors that will help them
cultivate a personality. Such women make men feel far too important,
becoming a doormat in turn and often even getting into abusive
relationships. Always remember, that no one can complete you, you are

The ‘savior’ syndrome: If you get into relationships with a strong
need to ‘save’ someone, it’s time to rescue yourself first. The Savior
syndrome, a prime relationship junkie characteristic says that people
tend to use altruism to serve and then fall in love with the object of
their aid. As harmless as it seems, this can develop into a pattern
over time.

Scared of being alone: Are you too scared to upset or confront your
partner because you do not want to lose him, even though he does not
treat you with respect? Do you always suppress your anger in a bid to
not affect your bond with the guy? If yes, you are obsessed with being
in a relationship, not necessarily with the guy though.

Way out of this maze

Love yourself: One of the first rules of cultivating a strong
personality is falling in love with yourself. Make peace with your
shortcomings and see yourself as a whole - an independent person who
has the power to contribute and bring about a change wherever there is

Know if you are ready: Ask yourself whether or not you want to be in a
relationship and more importantly why you want to be in one. Find out
what your current focus in life is and if there is space at all in
your life yet for a relationship to survive.  This will help you
understand your thoughts and help you set your priorities right.

Get friends: Go out, meet people and make friends. Loneliness taken
care of, you will be able to see clearly what you seek in a

Always value your happiness over others: In a bid to make a
relationship work, do not disregard your own happiness. Never go
against what your heart tells you to do just to make your man happy.
This will guard you from men who think they can treat you the way they

Know what you want: Set your objectives and goals straight. What do
you expect from the relationship and your partner? Let them be in the
know about the same. If most of us got these things straight, there’d
be a lot less broken hearts floating around

Weigh the cost of compromise: Everyone says relationships are based on
compromise, but at what cost? Make sure you draw the lines right in
the beginning. If you have certain pre-requisites that must be met,
try to get yourself a partner who meets those. The more time you spend
with someone who doesn’t, the longer it’ll eat you up from the inside.

- By Girija Naiksatam

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Hello all friends,
              Read it and enjoy it and get some tips out of this article.
With warm regards.
Muhammad Fakhruddeen.

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