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Why do I need to pee often after sex?
A few hours after I have sex, I start urinating every two to three minutes.
This is accompanied by a burning sensation and a little itching. Is this
because of sex?
GS, Patliputra

Get a midstream sample of urine examined to rule out a urinary tract
infection. If the report is normal, your problem could be due to a vaginal
infection, urethral abrasion or dry intercourse. If it is one of these,
consult a gynaecologist.

Why does PMS make me want sex less?
Some women tend to become more irritable. There are associated symptoms of
nausea, backache and breast tenderness. There is a feeling of discomfort in
the whole pelvic region, and, at times, one finds evidence of emotional
disturbance and a tinge of depression. In others, it is found that the
sexual drive is enhanced, resulting from, again, increased pelvic
congestion, insufficient for discomfort but enough to cause intense pelvic

Should I get my hymen removed surgically?
Penetration is not possible as my vaginal opening is too small. How do I
increase the diameter? Would I require surgery? Secondly, my husband's penis
is large and not straight when erect. Is it possible to have intercourse
with a curved penis? Also, is it advisable to have intercourse with a condom
when lignocaine jelly has been applied?
TD, Chennai

Get a gynaecological examination done to see if the hymen is broken or not.
Sometimes it takes two to three months to break the hymen. Use a lot of
lubricant. Consult your gynaecologist again after three months if you think
the hymen is still intact and enquire if a vaginal dilater would help. A
hymenectomy should be the last resort. It is done to increase the vaginal
opening. A curved penis should not be a problem. You can use lignocaine
jelly, but it reduces sensation.

How safe are condoms?
Do condoms offer 100 per cent protection? Does one bleed during the first
sexual experience? If yes, what should be done about it? Can anything be
done to reduce penetration pain?
SS, Noida

Condoms do not offer 100 per cent protection, though they're an effective
method. And no, it is not necessary to bleed the first time one has sex.
Also, not always does one experience pain during penetration. However, a
lubricant may prove beneficial if there is any pain.

How do female condoms work?
A female condom is made up of a thin polyurethane pouch with a flexible ring
at each end. The closed end rests inside the vagina and the ring at the open
end rests outside the vagina, ie on the vulva. If it is used in the right
way, it's effective up to 95 per cent.

Advantages: One can insert a female condom eight hours prior to sex. Female
condoms help in reducing the risk of STDs. For those who are allergic to
male condoms made from latex, they could be an ideal alternative.

Disadvantages: Female condoms are a bit uncomfortable to insert and one
needs to put extra lubricant along with it. It is less effective as compared
to male condoms, which are effective up to 98 per cent.

Note: Male and female condoms should not be used at the same time as they
tend to stick to each other. Condoms should not be stored in the wallet or
car glove compartment as it might be too warm. They need to be stored in
cool and dry places. Avoid using condoms that have Nonoxynol-9 (spermicide)
as it irritates the vagina and the anus, which in turn can increase the risk
of STDs.

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