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Hi friends! sorry for getting back to you all very late. Pasted below
contains the entire information, so please read carefully and do your
best to win attractive prices. Since the time is very very short, I
request you all to be very alert in this regard. All the very best

E-mail: nfbkarnataka at gmail.com Phone No.: 23152072
Mobile: 99804 44655 Fax No.: 23489031
Regd. No. 4866
(Affiliated to World Blind Union)
Karnataka State Branch
# 18, 14th Cross, Cholurpalya, Vijaynagar, Pipeline, Near IBP Petrol
Bank, Bangalore.

Dated: 06.03.2010

The heads of all organizations of and for the blind in Karnataka

Sub: Information in regard with 5th Onkyo Braille Essay Contest in the
Region of Asian Blind Union

Dear counterparts,

I have pleasure to inform you that the secretariat of Asian Blind
Union (ABU) has declared 5th Onkyo Braille Essay Contest. The blind
persons of 21 member countries of Asian blind union are eligible to
participate in this contest.

This is therefore requested to you to kindly disseminate this
information among the deserving and interested blind persons as widely
as possible.

The detailed rules and procedure for the Contest are as under:

(i) The participants can write on any one of the following topics:

a) Which do I prefer more—books in Braille or recorded books—why?
b) In a developing country like ours what system of education is more
useful for blind children—residential schools or inclusive education?
Give reasons.
c) Climate change—meaning, implications, suggested solutions.
d) Militancy—real causes and prevention.
e) How to bringing Braille within easy reach of the Blind.

(ii) The Essay should be written by the blind participants in English
or Hindi in Braille on Braille slate or Braille typewriters and not on

(iii) Minimum length of the Essay should be 800 words and maximum
length of Essay should not exceed 1000 words including name address of
the participants.

(iv) There will be two groups of competitors—one Junior group up to
the age of 25 and the second Senior group from the age of 26 onwards.

(v) The Essays must be completely original in nature.

(vi) In determining the best five entries, consideration should be
given firstly, to the story line closest to the topics given above,
secondly, the impact and credibility of the experiences, thirdly, the
accuracy and neatness in using Braille and fourthly, style and
language skills.

(vii) Entries of Braille essay must be reached to the all India
confederation of the blind, sector-5, Rohini, Delhi-85 on and before
30th April 2010 Receipt of the entries after prescribed date shall not
be entertained.

(viii) The Result of the Contest would be announced by Braille
Mainichi Newspaper Co. Ltd., Japan by early November, 2010.

(ix) Prizes:- one best essay from any of junior and senior group shall
be awarded with prize of 1000 US$ and memorial souvenir. Second prize
of US$ 500 and memorial souvenir shall be awarded to two participants
one from each group. Third prize of US$ 200 and memorial souvenir
shall be given to four participants (two from each group)

Positive response to this request shall be highly appreciated.

With kind regards,

Gautam Prakash Agarwal
President, NFB, Karnataka

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