[AI] Software for creating audiobooks

apoorv kulkarni apoorvkulkarni at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 06:35:24 EDT 2010

Dear All,
I recently came across a software called “Text aloud” from a company
called “Nextup”. The said software can be used to create audio files
from text/word/pdf files. I am sure many of us would find the same
useful for say, reviewing legal documents, news articles, emails,
ebooks converted into audiobook etc. Bothe Sappy 4 and Sappy 5 voices
are supported by the software. Sappy 5 voices can be purchased from
ATNT and a few other companies. I believe that openbook reader from
freedomscientific is another software which can be a substitute of
text aloud. However I did not have the privilege of using the same.
Hope we all find this info useful.

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