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Hello all,
Earlier today Freedom Scientific released an update to JAWS 11, found
at http://www.freedomscientific.com, which, among other things,
contains some bug fixes that improved the compatibility between this
screen reader and some Yahoo! products.
Those improvements are listed below:

1. Yahoo! Messenger for Windows: JAWS 11 is now compatible with Yahoo!
Messenger 10 for Windows. Please make sure to use the latest version
of the Yahoo! Messenger software found at http://messenger.yahoo.com

The following features will now work correctly:
- Yahoo! Plug-in manager (add Ebay, Finance, Weather, Games Stocks and
other Yahoo! services to your Messenger).
- Yahoo! IM window and the new "message history" window.
- Yahoo! Today, a "welcome" screen that displays updates from your
friends and the latest news, weather and other favorites specified in
your Yahoo! profile.
- and more...

2. Yahoo! home page: JAWS compatibility with the new Yahoo! home page
has been significantly improved, particularly with regard to keyboard
focus and reporting of the new dynamic features, extensively used on
this page.
If you are new to the Yahoo! home page, check out the updated
"experience" on the http://www.yahoo.com.
Among other things you can now preview your weather, BBC news,
twitter, facebook, sports, finance, stocks, buzz, Ebay updates and
more. You can even add the web site of your choice to your Yahoo! home

3. Yahoo! Mail Classic: JAWS10 introduced a lot of difficulties for
the users of the Yahoo! Mail Classic interface such that many of its
screens became almost unusable. Many of users had to rely on NVDA to
check their Yahoo! Mail for the last year or so.
All of the problems have now gone away and you can now get back to
using JAWS with Yahoo! Mail Classic, if you wish to do so. <smile>

Please do not hesitate to report back if you find any problems with
any of the above products and JAWS 11.

Best regards,

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Best regards,

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