[AI] How to make Jaws read the status bar

Madhav Chandra Das madhavchandra83 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 22:28:37 EDT 2010

Dear All,
I have been the member of this wonderful group for one-and-half year,
buyt I rarely write or share anything with you all.
Let me introduce first.
My name is Madhav Chandra Das.
An unemployed visually impaired person who has ample of spare time to
talk about the things which don’t matter.
So, in order to invest my time in some meaningful activities, I
planned to start a blog which recently has come into existence.
Before I forget my querry, let me tell you that sometimes Jaws does
not read the status bar.
Is there any customization method which can make Jaws read the status bar?
Let’s come to my writing.
To be frank and honest, I have not been writing since long and I am
not a very good writer.
I just started my blog on Monday.
If you come to my blog, you won’t find many things to read.
But, my motive is to produce quality content on variety of subjects.
Please read my blog and if anything delights you, please send me
valuable comments so that I can improve my writing.

Madhav Chandra Das


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