[AI] free 100 audio books you must read/listen

ruchir falodiya ruchir.falodiya at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 02:46:29 EDT 2010

hello and a very good morning/afternoon/evening to everybody :)

i've not been very active at list, and the reason is i've been
occupied with assignments, projects, and attending interviews for
various b-schools across the country.
after clearing the xat examination with 76.89 percentile, i'm finally
getting admission in alliance business school, bangalore.

during the campus tour, extempore and interview process, the faculty,
and seniors showed great enthusiasm and acceptance and i didn't at all
felt like differently able candidate.

MBA aspirants, you must consider this college an option for your post

anyways, that was not the reason for mailing today.

the reason is, i've found a great resource while looking at my twitter
stream, that consists  of collection of 100 audio books 1 must read!

head over to

and you are surely going to find something of your interest there.

p.s. i have no ideas about the copyright or legal stuff relating to
the material provided, nor i take any responsibility for the same.

the books are in mp3 formats, so,your mobile phones and mp3 players
should be  able to play them without any difficulty.

also, for those who are unawair, head to project gootenberg for free ebooks at

and, free video described movies can be found at

note: the movies are from hollywood, and you must have good
understanding of fluent American/ British English to understand them.

you can also follow me on twitter at
that's where i'm mostly active by the way.

i think, that's it for now.

with best regards,

Ruchir falodiya

As long as forever,
I will stay by your side,
I'll be your companion,
Your friend and your guide!!!


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