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Respected Madam,
                       I am A. Muhammad Fakhrudeen from tamilnadu. I'm
one of the members in the accessindia mailing lists.
   I am a visually handicapped with total vision loss. My father was a
citizen of Malaysia.
   He had a building and he had his own departmental store in it. This
asset will worth for more than four or five crores.
   We are five children to my father, two daughters and three sons. I
and My one of the two brothers are blind people.
   Hailing in village, and being an inexperienced man, my father
didn't believe in the talents of the we two blind sons.
   My father gave away all the property to my sighted brother and
advised him to take care off his two blind sons.
   But, unfortunately he denied our property shares. In the meantime,
my another blind brother died of kidney malfunction by 2008.
   I approached Mr. Santosh Kumar Rungta the secretary general of the
national federation for the blind. But, he took one year to say that
You can't do anything with the property in Abroad.
   Being an advocate and a solicitor, I hope you would give me a
correct guidance to claim for thed property share which is in
Thanks with kind regards.
My email I.d Fakhruteacher at gmail.com
Yours faithfully,
A. Muhammad Fakhruddeen

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