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Simon Jacob - Inclusive Planet simon.jacob at inclusiveplanet.com
Wed Apr 14 04:02:09 EDT 2010

Dear Access Indians,

I keep seeing requests for study material for banking exams. I could see
that people like Vamshi and Rajesh have taken initiatives to make material
available. Also Yogesh has made material available through his channel
entrance exams on inclusiveplanet.com

I began to wonder if there was any way to make this exam preparation more
effective. I mean every year I would assume hundreds would be taking this
exam, and each year there is this effort put in to get the best material.
Sometimes the material would not be sufficient or at times it must be
outdated. Moreover if someone is just starting prep could there be way to
guide them through the early steps, the do’s and don’ts of test prep.

In my opinion, the more sustainable way for study material to be accessible
is to figure out a way to make publishers/coaching classes look at banking
exams/ test prep for the blind as a business proposition. I have just begun
to do basic research in this space, and would appreciate your valuable
inputs on the same. Some of the questions I have in mind are:-

1. What are the popular sources of material currently used for banking
exams. Websites, Names of Books and coaching classes if any.

2. Is there a need for better material or are the current prep materials
satisfactory. This is a crucial question, as I don’t want to fix something
which isn’t broken!

3. Could you list down the specific areas of improvements required in the
existing study material.

4. In what format would the material be preferable – an e-book or an audio

5. Any other challenges faced while preparing for these exams. Also share
any other insights/experiences related to the same.

Once I complete my research and if the findings make sense, then I will try
and approach people who might be interested in making study material
accessible. I am not sure if we can have the discussion on this list. So you
can send me your responses to simon.jacob at inclusiveplanet.com . If you are
too lazy to draft a mail, I can give you a call just drop me your contact
number or sms/call me on 98199 36418

Looking forward to your responses.

Warm Regards,

Simon Jacob

Together, there are no barriers
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