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Dear Shankar, For recording landline phone calls, There are some phones that have the provision for inserting and recording a normal audio cassettes. There are also some cordless phones that have a built-in recording system. Also you can find  some walk man type audio cassette recorders, which use normal audio cassette and even a micro cassette. You have to attach them to your telephone cable through a small separate device. For digital recording of landline calls, there is a digital recorder, which can record conversation of 30 minutes duration in one file, and, later on, you can send the recorded files to your PC through a data cable that you get with this digital recorders. Some digital recorders also use memory cards, and later on you can insert that memory card in to a card-reader, which in turn can be plugged in to the USB port of your computer. You can select anyone of these  devices according to your requirements. They all come in the range of 1000 to 3000. I hope that solves your query and serves your purpose. Thanks.
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