[AI] Retina India website launched

Arvind Bhartiya arvind.bhartiya at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 05:28:18 EDT 2010

Dear All:

The Retina India website has gone online. Please click on the link

The first newsletter from Retina India is available on the website. If
you wish to download and read it from here, attached are the two
versions, one in pdf and the other in word format for those who are
comfortable with JAWS.

We welcome suggestions, as well as look forward to people coming
forward with helping with the content of the website and the
newsletters. The latter are going to be quarterly, and we are looking
forward to people sending in submissions.

Also, both the efforts are absolutely voluntary from a lot of people.
We, as an organization, thank you for your hard work in making this

Please forward the links to people on your contact list; this is one
way of spreading the word of Retina India, and the work we are
involved in.


Arvind Bhartiya

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