[AI] what is the lattest with p.l.i? Please respond.

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Mon Apr 12 02:46:06 EDT 2010

Dear Friends,

The PLI case is pending before the Delhi high Court where important
questions related to discrimination have been raised like not giving same
insurance cover to PWD and charging extra premium. However, Govt. came
out with a notification on 04 Jan 2010 equating the insurance cover of
the PWD with those of non-disabled employees. However, the issue of extra
premium and discrimination among congenital  and acquired disabilities and
not providing insurance at all to those with neurological disabilities like
Cerebral Palsy is being contested.

On 10th March 2010, the Court had asked the Govt. of India to explain this
on affidavit. However, in compliance to the order dated 10-3-2010 Govt. of
India has on this date i.e. 07th April 2010 merely stated the extant
provision of the special scheme for the disabled and not provided any
reasons for extra premium and or denying the insurance cover to those with
disabilities of neurological origin.

UNCRPD is being quoted in the orders of the Court to challenge the
discriminatory practices in the PLI. We are hoping that the outcome of this
petition will be turning point in the insurance sector. The petition is
being pursued by Panka (HRLN) j for Mr. Vikas Gupta (Delhi University)

Will keep you updated.

Warm regards,

Subhash Chandra Vashishth
Advocate-Disability Rights
Mobile: +91 (11) 9811125521
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