[AI] problem with skype

Anuj Verma ak.divyadrishti at yahoo.co.in
Sun Apr 11 13:21:55 EDT 2010

Hi friends,  this si my old problem that my mic is not working in skype,  I read this help given by skype help, 
" make sure it is not muted. ... Make sure that Microphone and OK to close. ... This opens the Mic properties Slide the Microphone Boost to 0 ... 10. Check Mic volume is set to maximum. ... and OK ... Now make a test call in Skype to check your microphone . If you are still having problems with the microphone : ... Try to record your speech though your microphone . ... and play with the microphone settings until the recording test works for you. ... In the Microphone ... If you are still having problems with your audio or microphone , go back to the Sounds and Audio ... Microphone Mute"
  please guide me step by step that where is mic property, and volume of mic, and how can boost the volume of mic, and also where from I can check mic in skype?  
With warm regards- 
Dr. A.K. 
mob- 09837269234 

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