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Anuj Verma ak.divyadrishti at yahoo.co.in
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Dear friend Vanshi,avi can not cut by vcd cutter, but mp4 file I did not try, so I can not shore,  but if you want cut by vcd cutter,  first you converter these files in mpeg format by converter, than you can cut perfectlly.
for more detail you can contect me personally.
Dr. A.K. Verma
mob- 09837269234  
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One more question: Youtube does not allow .mp3 uploads. How can one convert .mp3s into .avi or .mpg so that they can be uploaded there?
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> Hi Anuj Verma,
> I have some avi, mp4 video files.  Can I cut them using the VCD cutter
> you've suggested?  But I have them on a DVD.  Can I copy them to
> system and then do the same?
> Guidance required.
> -- G. Vamshi
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