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Dear friends
*Introduction to Medical Transcription:*

The simplest definition of Transcription is conversion of voice to
electronic text form. Medical Transcription is an IT enabled service that
requires specialized skills in utilizing Information technology in
converting the voice data of the doctors who are in the US, consisting of
patient history and medical advises into electronic documents.

A Health Professional who transcribes medical reports dictated by a
physician concerning a patient's health care is a Medical Transcriptionist.

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*How this course is important for visually impaired:*

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This job suits visually impaired because they are computers experts and have
the willingness to learn.  This is a great field for them as the work
involves in just listening and typing.  This job will be highly useful for
visually impaired as they, especially people who have difficulty in
mobility, can take up home transcription after gaining experience from a
company and reaching a good accuracy level.

*Introduction to EnAble India:*

EnAble India is a non-profit organization working tirelessly since its
inception from 1999 towards the economic independence and dignity of persons
with disabilities. EnAble India caters to the needs of all kinds of
disabilities like visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically disabled,
mental retardation, mental illness and more across India. The major thrust
areas are employment, pre-employment services, supplemental education,
consulting and enabling other institutions working for the disabled.

Enable India has been conducting Medical transcription training for the
visually impaired for the last two years. We have trained 24 students from
last 2 batches. This training is being conducted in collaboration with Lake
Systems, one of the leading Medical Transcription companies.  The first two
batches have been successfully completed. Most of them have graduated
production from OJT.  They have achieved the impossible.

*Highlights of the program:*

   - Lake System team actively participates in the training.
   - A holistic approach will be given to the batch.
   - Computer skills will be fine tuned, professionalism and work ethics,
   mobility will taught as a part of Medical Transcription Course.
   - Out of 24 students from both batch 17 students got placed in Lake
   systems, Digimetrix, & NU Hospital Bangalore, & NSI Hubli
   - The second batch has just finished the training and students have
   joined Lake Systems for OJT.
   - During the MT course a stipend of Rs. 1000/- will be paid to the
   - During OJT Rs. 3000/- will be paid.
   - On the successful completion of the training students will be absorbed
   into the production with a starting salary of Rs. 6000/- per month which
   will be based on their performance.

*We are planning for the next batch of Medical Transcription for the
Visually Impaired.  The date has been tentatively fixed as May 15, 2010.  *

*The Training will be held at:*

EnAble India Training Center

No.118, KHB Colony

5th Block, Koramangala


*Course duration: 12 to 13 months*

MT specific computer training – 2 Months

Basic Medical Transcription course – 7 to 8 Months

OJT (on-the-job-training) – 3 months

*Eligibility:* Any visually impaired who has education qualification of
SSLC/PUC/Degree/Medical or equivalent degree and candidates who has good
English, know computer basics, and those who are interested in taking
Medical Transcription as their career, can apply for this course.   Candidates
will be selected through evaluation tests.

* *

*For further details of the course and admission, contact: *

Ms. Sujayalakshmi, Project Manager, Medical Transcription, EnAble India.

*Contact Number:*  096111 23919

*Email ID:*  sujaya at enable-india.org or sujaya1010 at gmail.com

*EnAble India Office number:*  080 4282 3636

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