[AI] Experience With Tactile Mouse

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2-d graphics are pictures such as lines and geometrical shapes. 2-d images
have only length and width. The tactile mouse cannot render 3-d graphics as
far as I have been able to tell. The mouse has sets of pins that move up and
down. It is not easy to encode 3-d information in this scenario. As for
performing inaccessible functions, as of this writing, you are better off
using your screen reader's mouse support assuming it has that feature. If
you want to view video and other images in real time, you may want to try
the vOICe at


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Dear Pranav, Thanks for the reply.  my purpose in using Tactile Mouse is
basically to access those functions and applications, which are not easy to
perform through keyboard. by the way, by feeling 2 d graphics, do you mean
that with its help we can understand and enjoy images or video picture that
flash on our screen? please clarify. Thanks
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          Yours,  Dr. Yogesh Sharma.

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