[AI] Mican's idea empowers disabled to boost brands

Vishnu Ramchandani vishnu.ramchandani at mphasis.com
Thu Apr 8 07:38:26 EDT 2010

Ahmedabad: In an attempt to provide income to the physically challenged,
a student of Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad -
Entrepreneurship Development Centre (MICA-EDC) has come up with an
innovative idea of promoting brands through the tricycles that are used
by the physically challenged.
Though use of vehicles to promote a product is not new, the earlier
designs were such that the vehicle could not be driven by the physically
challenged. This prevented them from joining such kind of workforce. But
Shakti Bharihok has solved the problem with his simple, but out of the
box idea.

With the aid of Blind People's Association, Bharihok has modified the
common tricycle for the physically-challenged by fixing advertisement
signage to them.

Thus he has enabled the differently-abled group of people to earn income
through such an initiative. Talking about his idea, Bharihok said,
"After joining MICA-EDC, I had started my own firm called
'Ad-innovators' to provide innovative media solutions for small medium
and large businesses."

"One day I was sitting at a pan shop ruby a physically challenged
person. When I saw him earn his own money I thought of making such
people a part of my workforce. Then one thing led to another and now we
are here," said Bharihok. He said the intention is to provide a platform
for these people to not only earn an income but also for exposure to
various other business concepts. "Thus they can learn from it and
themselves become successful entrepreneurs," he said.

Taking about his plans, he said he intents to enable such employees to
earn around Rs200 per day for 4 hours of work.
This will include driving for 5 minutes and taking a break of 15 minutes
at any place where there is a crowd, he said. While Bharihok has at
present come up with a basic prototype of the tricycle with signage, he
plans to roll out at least around 10 such cycles in the next two months.


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