[AI] A Couple of Audio Walkthroughs for Installing Linux

Roopakshi Pathania r_akshi_tgk at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 6 13:44:26 EDT 2010

For those interested in Linux, here are a couple of audio walkthroughs on installing Arch Linux- a particular flavor of Linux. I’ll just give a brief background on the major differences between Arch Linux and Ubuntu (since a lot of people know about Ubuntu already). 
There are several distributions of Linux having distinctly different features and Ubuntu is one of the commonly used distributions. 

A major difference between Ubuntu and a distribution like Arch Linux is that Ubuntu is targeted at users who don’t want to get too much involved in the building of the system and want to just get the operating system quickly up and running. 
Arch Linux on the other hand, offers a lot of choices and allows the user to customize the base system in whichever way.

If you have installed Ubuntu before, you would know that Ubuntu is installed using a graphical installer, i.e. it has controls similar to Windows and has mouse support. But Arch Linux has a text-based installer, i.e. a command line interface and every user has to use the keyboard to install Arch Linux.  
This brings me to the use of different screen readers in installing the 2 operating systems.

While Orca (a GUI based screen reader) is used in the installation process of Ubuntu, Speakup (a screen reader for the text console) is used for Arch Linux.

You can find more about Arch Linux here.
And about Speakup here.

If anyone decides to go through with the installation, I would recommend listening to both the recordings.
Also, if you have any feedback (you don’t understand a step, or you don’t like the accent), you can email the creator: Michael at 
mwhapples at aim.com

Size: 20 MB
Runtime: 75 – 80 minutes

Size: 27 MB
Runtime: 110 – 115 minutes



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