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                  Disability News and Information Service 
                     Vol 7 Issue 7 . April 1, 2010
                  D.N.I.S. is produced  and managed by National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People

                  Our Census, Our Future: Disability sector puts up a United Front 

                  "My office is always open, we look forward to inputs from the disability sector", Dr. C. Chandramouli

                  If the disabled population is counted correctly there will be no space for the government to deprive us from our rights News
                    a.. 5th meeting of the National Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (N.C.R.P.D.) held on March 17
                    b.. M.S.J.E. to form an ‘Expert Committee’ to study the demand for a new law
                    c.. Radical amendments to the National Trust Act proposed
                    d.. Urban Development Ministry forms to harmonise access guidelines 
                    e.. Justice A.P. Shah endorses the idea of a National Disabilities Advisor 
                    f.. M.S.J.E. announces vacancy for the position of C.C.P.D.
                    g.. Dates for West and South Zone Consultations finalised
                    h.. Supreme Court orders immediate reinstatement of teacher with Cerebral Palsy
                    i.. High Court reserves seats for dyslexic students in Delhi University 
                    j.. Disabled Officer all set to become Major General
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                  National Centre for Promotion of

                  Employment for Disabled People

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