[AI] How to delete a program from our Pc's?

govind reddy sgreddy4 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 21:10:18 EDT 2010

Dear list:
How to delete a program from our computer?
We usually go to "set program access and defaults, then click on
Change / Remove programs and remove from the existing list".
But the problem for me is that "set program access and defaults" isn't
getting opened. Apart from these, how can we remove a program from our
computer? For some programs, we can uninstall them from sub-menues on
start button, but not all programs can be removed with this process. I
want to remove skype from my Pc's, the prob is as i've said, "set
program access and defaults is not opening.
therefore, please suggest me a solution to remove Skype and all its
scripts from my computer.

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