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hello sir, thank you for your informative mail. onething I wish to know 
that, what is facebook? how and where it can be used? please explain.
with best regards
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hello everyone,

During days, when I had been busy with exams, some of you folks have
sent me messages and asked their computer related doubts.
Folks, I’m grateful that you guys find me eligible to answer your
queries, trust me, I love to solve your problems/doubts if I can. Just
keep directing your queries to me like this if you find me eligible
enough, I’ll try to impart my suggestions based on a little of my
knowledge and experience.
One of the questions which has come pretty repetitively was “what’s
the difference between a netbook and a notebook?”.
Actually, the words, languages, way and style of asking was different,
but a lot of people here,  or elsewhere have asked me the same.
So, what’s the deal about it?

Well, while answering the same question to a mate just now, I thought
to write this,  since I’m a little free today, and waiting for days to
arrive for some major project undertakings.

So, the terms, “laptop”, “notebook” and “netbook” does often confuse
generally particularly if you’re not much in the technology shoes.
What is what, and which one to buy are some of the major doubts people
find themselves tucked in.
Considering, here’s my take on them, which may (may not be though)
help you out in understanding them better and perhaps in the future
course help you determining which is the best for you to buy.

First off, as a matter of fact, they all are smaller in size from your
colossal looking desktop.
and, the “netbook” breed out of them is the smallest from everything
else mentioned.

Ok, so without much ado, let’s have a quick look on laptop, notebook,
and netbook in terms of differences, advantages and disadvantages.

Laptop computers:
Originally, the laptop computer were not the laptop computers at all.
Though the idea behind them was to make a device that can fit on lap
and is portable to carry around, but they were way too bulky to be
used on anyone's lap.
Those who are long been connected through technoworld will give you
lot of such examples like Commodore SX-64 and IBM "Green Machine” etc.
So, they were not exactly the laptops, and in fact, their prize to was
pretty much (I still need some months of my salary with overtime to
buy that).

The makers of technology don’t make it for inconvenience, and they
often want people to use and appreciate it.
Since it wasn’t much happening in the case of laptops considering it’s
yet big size and costly appearance, companies have started scratching
their heads to make it even more smaller.
Laptop computers eventually progressed to the point where they could
actually be held on your lap. By that time, they started calling them
"notebook computers", presumably because they opened like notebooks if
you turned them sideways. Some people still call them laptop computers
and they're not wrong in doing so.

And, then came the netbooks, from a perspective of confusing people
even more. (not actually though).

The netbooks are even smaller then notebook and can even fit in your
small Tiffin bag.
They're basically the same thing as notebook computers, scaled down
and focusing on Internet-based applications over locally-based client

Ok, so as the time passed, the size has dwindled, but is the size only 
Not really.

First, have a look of a tipicle notebook and it’s configuration:

• Screen size : 12 Inch and up
• Processor : Intel Pentium Dual-Core,Core 2 Duo or AMD Turion X2
• Graphics : Integrated or External Graphic Card, from Intel GMA x3100
to AMD Mobility HD 3870X2
• Weight : 1.9kg and up.

And, now a quick compare with netbook:
• Screen size : 12 Inch max
• Processor : VIA C7 1.2GHz, Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz or AMD Geode 800MHz
• Graphics : Integrated Graphic Card, mostly Intel GMA 900 or 950
• Weight : 1.1kg and below.

So, there are four important points as you can see:
Screen size: I think this we’ve already kind of discussed.

This part is most important.
The notebook uses Intel Pentium Dual-Core,Core 2 Duo or AMD Turion X2
as processor, while the netbook uses VIA C7 1.2GHz, Intel Atom N270
1.6GHz or AMD Geode 800MHz.
The processor of a netbook is much lesser then the processor of
notebook, and would not be able to perform high speed computing,
graphic/video editing on multiple channels, or working simultaneously
on various applications.

Graphics and weight:
Notebook supports better graphic cards then netbook, therefore it is
capable in doing high definition graphic editing, viewing of high
definition multi channel videos and so on. Which isn’t possible in
As per weight, here, the netbook wins the bettle.
As you can see, netbooks in comparison are pretty light in weight then
the notebooks.

So, which is better?

>From the outset it looks like netbooks don’t have much features/power,
so they aren’t good to buy, but wait.

The concept of netbook wasn’t really to provide users facilities of
high definition graphic editing, multiple channel video viewing and so
It was all designed for basic users, who more prefer to do their work
on internet rather locally.
Oh, and as there is a saying in we IT people, “web brouzer is the new 
Ah, not to worry, it can very well run all your other basic
applications like MS word, excel, media players and others.

Netbooks are more then half in prize of notebooks, and then having
better portability.
If you are a basic user and not required to handle very heavy
softwares and applications, you should go for a netbook, as it seems
to be the best option for you.

Of course, if you’re uses are higher and you need to work on hulking
softwares/applications, then netbook isn’t made for you.

Buying a notebook or netbook therefore depends on the amount of works
you’d be doing with it, but one requires to give a fair thought and
consideration before coming to any conclusion on what to buy, whether
a netbook, or notebook.

Prateek agarwal.
Wanna see inside me? My blog is the telescope:

the best way to accomplish your softwares/websites development needs.
You tell, I’ll build.

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