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Dear all,

Once again I am posting this request for your kind attention.

I am preparing for the State Eligibility Test of Kerala (Commerce) which will be in the 6th June 2010. The syllabus of SET has been renewed in this year. So I don't have the study materials of new topics included in it. I have given the syllabus of the SET below. I don't have any material relating to the topics come under the following modules.

1. Module 1

2. Module 2

3. Module5

4. Module 8

I have some material of the topics of other modules. If any of you have the study material of these topics, please be kind enough to send me that. Also please give me the information about the source from which I can collect the study materials.






Module 1 Business environment 

Concepts, types-internal - external environment analysis Economic environment - economic systems - industrial policies - fiscal policies - monitory policy - EXIM policy - economic reforms and liberalization Political and legal environment - government and business - FEMA - IPR - regulatory bodies - industrial policy of India. Socio cultural environment - social institutions and systems - social values and attitudes - social groups - middle class - emerging rural sector in India - Consumerism in India. International and technological environment - multinational corporations - foreign collaborations and Indian business - non-resident Indians and corporate sector - international economic institutions - WTO - IMF - IBRD. 


Module 2 Management Information Systems 

conceptual structure of MIS - system concepts - data processing concepts - database management - data security - system analysis and design - e-commerce - classification. 


Module 3 Research methodology 

Meaning and objectives - types - research process - research design - sampling collection of data - application of statistical tools - research report 


Module 4 Management concepts and thoughts 

management concepts - development of management thought - management process - planning - organizing - staffing - directing - controlling - motivation - group dynamics and team development - organizational conflicts - organization development. 


Module 5 Strategic management 

concept of strategy - environmental analysis - internal corporate analysis - strategic financial analysis - strategic choices functional strategies - implementation and evaluation of strategies. 


Module 6 Financial Accounting 

concepts and conventions of accounting - elements and principles - accounting standards - depreciation - trading and profit and loss account - balance sheet - accounting from incomplete records - consignment - hire purchase and installment - joint venture - accounts of non-trading concerns - branch and department accounting - partnership accounts - admission - retirement - death and dissolution - company accounts - shares - final accounts - amalgamation, absorption and reconstruction - liquidation - valuation of shares and goodwill - double account system - insurance claims - government accounting - investment accounting - voyage accounts - insolvency - farm accounting - inflation accounting human resource accounting. 


Module 7 Cost and Management Accounting 

basic concepts - elements of cost - material, labour, expenses - overheads - job, batch and contract costing - Process costing - marginal costing - differential cost analysis - cost reduction and cost control - standard costing - budget and budgetary control - cost audit - basic concepts of management accounting - analysis and interpretation of 

financial statements - fund flow and cash flow - ratio analysis - management of working capital - working capital structure - cost of capital - capital budgeting. 


Module 8 Financial Management 

financial planning and control - sources of capital - capitalization - capital structure - cost of capital - internal financing - leverages - working capital management and control - investment decisions - dividend policy - financial forecasting and budgeting - lease financing - factoring services - securitization - financial re-engineering. 


Module 9 Quantitative Techniques 

concept of random variable - correlation and regression - probability and sampling - statistical inferences - testing of hypothesis of (t,z,F,x2 and ANOVA) - linear programming - transportation and assignment techniques - network analysis (CPM AND PERT) 


Module 10 Banking and Marketing 

Indian banking structure, commercial banks, law of negotiable instruments, banking practice - e-banking - core-banking. Marketing concepts - functions - segmentation - behaviour - pricing.


Once again I request your help and support in this matter.


I wish all of you a "HAPPY EASTER".


With thanks in advance,


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