[AI] Pressure group for the visually challenged

vinod vinodasudani86 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 03:35:37 EDT 2010

Pressure group for the Visually challenged


Dear friends, we have decided to form a pressure group that would advocate the problems faced by visually challenged in various domains. We intend to take up the issues with government,bureaucracy  development boards and all other appropriate bodies seeking the welfare and equal participation of the visually challenged.

 Those of you who wish to become the part of this group can contact me on mobile 09503143439 or can write at vinodasudani86 at gmail.com The group intends to three meetings in a year at various places in India. Intially, members of this group are expected to bear the essential expenditure like the travel and lodging and boarding expenses encured for the purpose of meetings till the group becomes resourceful bear these expenses.

Dr. VinodAsudani,

Convener for the group,

Visually challenged advocacy called VIA for short.  

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