[AI] Opportunity denied

Sanjay ilovecold at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 03:15:09 EDT 2010

One of my friends has cleared KPSC (Karnataka Public Service Commission)
exams in 2008.  As the State Government was unwilling to recruit him to the
post of Tahsildar,  He approached KAT (Karnataka Administrative Tribunal).
KAT directed the Government to recruit him within three months.  But,
Government appealed against the decision in High Court.  The matter will be
heard soon.
The Government's contention is how this blind candidate can perform his
duties.  His problem is he cannot use computer effectively because most of
the work is done in Kannada language, which is another barrier for him,  as
there is no accessible softwares and speech systems available in this
language.  I think the main requirement  in Government jobs, as an officer
one has to maintain secrecy.   Therefore, having readers is not a defendable
solution in this case.
  I would like to know how best he can defend his case  and in what way he
prove his abilities?  Are there any class 1 and class 2 officers working in
regional languages?  Please share your experience so that he can defend
himself and open the door for future job seekers.  Perhaps this is the first
time Govt. of Karnataka reserved a post for V I. in this category.

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