[AI] Problem in Selecting Text.

Amiyo Biswas amiyo.biswas at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 06:16:55 EDT 2008


Whenever I am trying to use ctrl+a or ctrl+shift +left arrow or ctrl+shift +right arrow to select text in any programme, say notepad or word, the entire page is getting right aligned and the text is reversed from right to left. Suppose, the word "access" will become "ssecca". It is happening only on my home computer having windows xp sp2. However, I faced the same problem on another pc having windows xp home. What may be the problem? I have faced it for quite some time, but never bothered about it. As soon as I found it on another pc, I thought, there may be a solution for it. There is no problem if I can select text avoiding the ctrl key. Navigation keys like ctrl+arrow key is working all right.

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