[AI] Migrating to Airtel DSL triple 5 combo

Syed Imran syed.fame at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 20:47:30 EDT 2008


I'm currently using an airtel DSL broadband. As my internet usage has increased in recent times, I plan on migrating to Rs. 555 combo. Having enquired my customer executive about this plan, I learnt that i'd be getting2 GB of upload and download usage with the bandwidth of 512 KbPS for a total monthly payout of Rs. 624 /- including the service tax, and 80 paise for every single MB should I exceed the allotted limit. Now, just to do a little bit of cost-benefit analysis, I'd like to know from those pals who are paying lesser than Rs. 624 /- per month, as an what kind of service they get and all that.

Syed Imran

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