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Your address may soon be a 6-digit number

BS |   June      25, 2008 | 02:50 IST

Locating an address using mobile global positioning system (GPS) will soon require you to key in just a six-digit code.�Officials say the postal department
is working on "Pin-Plus," a new pin code that will give the exact location of a house or an office. The code will help companies sort out mails between
different departments and make delivery of bulk mails much easier.�The present code, officials say, identifies only the post office and the exact point
of delivery is identified through hand-written addresses, which at times are not legible or are in a language the postman cannot understand.�The first
two digits of the "Pin-Plus" code are being implemented across the country. These help identify the postman on the beat and help the postman know which
mails he has to deliver. However, officials say only a few companies are using the system. The last three digits, which the department is still working
on, will indicate the exact point of delivery.�"This will help provide faster emergency services as the time spent on locating the premises will come down
sharply," said a senior official in the Department of Posts.�However, the last three digits are still at the research stage. "Such a service requires an
active database which will take some time to be compiled. We will collaborate with bulk users, for example, telecom service providers like BSNL, to utilise
their database, which can then be used for the census as well," said the official.�Though the service is targeted mainly at corporate customers, the department
has allocated Rs 10 crore to market it for personal mailers.�The department is also mulling providing incentives to corporate users. "We will push for
the new code and may make its mandatory for bulk mailers. We can also look at ways to incentivise the service by offering discounts," he said.�The official,
however, clarified that "this is not a substitute to mailing addresses but is meant to improve efficiency and to avoid confusion over postal addresses."�The
department, as part of efforts to increase its efficiency, is also planning to install machines for faster sorting out of letters in post offices. The
official said 26 major cities would be equipped with these machines soon. �"New Delhi and Kolkata will be able to use these machines by the middle of next
year," he said. One machine will be able to sort about 40,000 mails in an hour. Tenders for the machines have been invited and the project is expected to be in advanced stages by the end of 2009. 

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