[AI] problum facing by students of national association for the blind Delhi//

akhil thakur akhilthakurster at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 12:21:27 EDT 2008

Hellow friends,
        We are the hostellers of national association for the blind studding in
11th and 12th standard suffering from the harassment by management of
our hostel.
They are not providing us hostel for our further studies from the first of July
With a reason that they do not have enough space in the hostel and
they have to give opportunity to small children " they have admission
brasher ect".
So they have made a rule according to witch they will not provide hostel
to the bois after 10th standard. And they have committed that, they
provide other facilities related to studies.
But from the last year they are not paying fee for some hostellers of
class above 10th, so this is not ensure that, they will help us in
concern of studies after removing us from the hostel.

But this is not a solution, most of the students among us, reside out
of Delhi and
also economically week from there families
If we escape out from the hostel we'll not able to continue our study.
We are only 9 boys in class 11th and 12th and they don't have space for us.

Also according to law, this rule can not be implementing on us because we are
pre-admitted students. The rule should be implemented for the newly
admitted children.

it is not true that, they do not have space
there are aprox 5 rooms beside the three rooms of senior boys in witch
peons and watchman's are residing with there families
generally we 10 students reside in one room,
For a moment if we considered that they do not have space,
So they have to provide that 5 rooms to the students
Witch are captured by watchman's, punes and there families.
5 rooms means approximately 50  children can be admitted.
According to the objectives of the association they have to give first profence
to the students in such a case.

another excuse to remove us, given by them is that,
they have received a letter from government counsel
according to witch they can't keep both girls and bois in the same premises.
How much truth in it? We don't know.
"But in the premises, rooms of senior bois are separated from the girls hostel".
This is also not a valid excuse.

A Pease of plot in Dvarika is given to them in 2002 by DDA.
And now they are telling us that, they will construct a building there for
bois hostel
"in the years from 2002 to 2007 they did not place a pease of brick there,
so how can they construct a building for us in a shorter period of time".

The real cause to remove senior bois from the hostel, under our
knowledge is that,

A lot of things are going there witch are against in the sake of blind children
And witch are opposed by the senior bois many times in the past
No action has not yet been taken by the management
While the management trying to escape out the senior boys since for
last 6 years.
Because management fully corrupted from the beginning to it's end.

Hostel need a new management witch works for blind children truly.

We appeal you to
Help us,
We are in deep depression,
We have to join our school from first of July,

To help us, or to give any opinion,
contact us on PHNO 9891450339 or
at as.akhil at gmail.com

we are waiting for your support....

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