[AI] Making jaws to read subject line first

prateek aggarwal prateekagarwal99 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 06:28:40 EDT 2008

Yes, it seems that perhaps you are not using links list command.
To read the subject of a mail and navigate to it quickly, please use
links list command.
 For it, please do the following.
After opening your account, press insert+ f7 to open the list of links
available on page.
Press Letter I until you listen inbox.
Press enter on it.
Press insert+ f7 again after page get loaded.
Now you can find the mail's subject as link.
Please note that pressing enter on it will directly land you to the mail.
Hope this will help.
Prateek agarwal.
Cell: +9 1 9 9 2 8 3 4 1 1 9 7
prateekagarwal99 at gmail.com
cooldood_prateek at yahoo.com

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