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As you've asked about the sports a blind can play, I would like to
tell that we can play almost every sport which a cited person can
play.  There is a number of sports apart from cricket.
Some of them are given below.

Goalball is a Paralympic sport and the premiere team sport for blind
and visually impaired athletes. It's a strategic, highly competitive,
3-on-3 indoor
game where teams try to score goals by rolling a ball past into the
other team's goal while the defense tries to block it. Bells inside
the ball enable
players to approximate its path and position.

In Japan, visually impaired people can play and enjoy volleyball for
the blind as a ball game sporting event for them. It was invented by
physical education
teachers in schools for the blind about 40 years ago and the tools and
rules of normal volleyball were modified so visually impaired people
could play
by themselves.

In USA, blind people also play judo with no difficulty.
For more information, please visit

Did you know that blind people CAN play tennis in very nearly the same
way that anyone else does?  It's a fantastic sport.  And it's just
getting started.
Given the long history of tennis, Blind Tennis is a relatively new
sport. It was originally created by Miyoshi Takei in 1984 in Kawagoe,
Saitama prefecture,
Japan. At the time, Miyoshi was a blind high school student at the
Saitama Prefectural School For The Blind & Visually Impaired and he
had a dream to hit
a tennis ball which inspired him to creat it.

Beep baseball is played much like a traditional baseball game but with
a few changes.

Football is being played from a longer time.  It's also played on
international level in B R A (blind relief association)

Golf is also very popular in many countries like USA, UK, etc.

A visually impaired can play water games too such as swimming. visit

Bascketball for blinds is popular in china.

This was about outdore games. There are many indore games too which a
blind person can play with full joy and eas.
These games including, cards, Chinese checkers, ludo, snake and
laders, video games, various computer games, etc.
Therefore, a visually impaired person can play almost every game which
a cited person can play.  However, the work of making more sports
accessible for blinds is still continuing.

Unfortunately, the scope for a visually impaired player is very low in india.
Many sports described above are not available in our country.
Still we have not achieved anything in this field. So, just hope for
the best in near future.
Prateek agarwal.
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