[AI] Window Eyes 7.0 Public Beta Released

swrita amrit swaramrit16 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 19:33:55 EDT 2008

> After much anticipation, Window-Eyes 7.0 Beta 1 is now available.  Window-Eyes 7.0
> Beta 1 offers the latest advancements in screen reading technology, including full
> Unicode support, new scripting functionality, web browsing enhancements, a new synthesizer,
> and much more.
> Full Unicode support means the ability to work with more international languages.
> Web browsing enhancements mean easier navigation between controls, and the ability
> to add placemarkers that can remember places on a webpage even when the webpage changes.
> ECI Eloquence 6.1 is now available as yet another speech option. Other enhancements
> like speed increases for list views, the system tray, and error reporting, being
> able to increase and decrease the speech rate during read to end, new options for
> keyboard voice interruptability, and numerous bug fixes make Window-Eyes 7.0 Beta
> 1 a welcome update.
> The most notable enhancement in Window-Eyes 7.0 Beta 1, however, is scripting. Window-Eyes
> scripting is unparalleled in its design and implementation.  Rather than require
> a scripter to learn a proprietary language, Window-Eyes 7.0 Beta 1 allows a scripter
> to choose from a number of standard computer languages for writing scripts.  This
> means that more people will be able to take advantage of Window-Eyes scripting, and
> ultimately more accessibility to more software applications. Access all Window-Eyes
> features and settings, all operating system windows and properties, create custom
> accessible dialogs for user interaction with power and ease, and more.
> To make scripts easily accessible and encourage script development, GW Micro has
> created a centralized script repository called Script Central (
> www.gwmicro.com/sc
> ). Script Central provides script developers with the tools to distribute their scripts,
> and provides scripts users the tools to download, comment, rate and track favorite
> scripts.  The GW Micro forums (
> www.gwmicro.com/forum
> ) have also been enhanced for general script discussions, script requests, script
> announcements, and much more. While we encourage everyone to take advantage of Script
> Central, Window-Eyes scripts can be hosted anywhere and distributed by anyone.
> Read more about all of the features Window-Eyes 7.0 Beta 1 has to offer, and download
> your copy, at
> www.gwmicro.com/beta
> .

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