[AI] mobile phone stolen.

Vikas Kapoor dl.vikas at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 13:58:56 EDT 2008

Folks, yesterday only, while travelling in a busy blueline bus here in Delhi, I lost my Nokia 6681 mobile phone instrument. It was stolen from the front pocket of my laptop bag. Now my purpose to disclose the same here on this list is only      to justify what I had been maintaining about those mails which, from time to time keep flooding our mailboxes, that is, what we should do when our cell phone is lost. Let me tell you emphatically that, be it your service provider or Nokia itself, nobody seems to have any concern about your stolen phone. Even you would be surprised to know that when I had gone to the nearest police station in order to launch the FIR, first of all, they printed the IMEI number of my phone wrong on the FIR sheet, this is notwithstanding the fact that I gave the original bill to the lady who was writing my FIR report. When I noticed this after coming back, I again went to the same police station to get it rectified. They certainly confessed their mistake and corrected the same in the copy that I was having, but they were not at all concerned with rectifying the same in their record. IF the attitude of the policemen is so reluctant and apathetic, I'm afraid what action they'll take on their part! So no matter if one claims that we should always keep our phone IMEI number safe in case the phone is lost, I'll tell you nothing is going to come out at least here in India! Be it the lack of technological expertise or the lack of will power, it is quite impossible to get it back or to make it blocked as most of the mails would claim!
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