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Dosed by Vivekasundaram M – M & E Team (from MphasiS Software Services)
What is LDAP?
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is an Internet protocol that programs use to look up information from a server. Most LDAP clients can only read from a server. Permissions, set by the administrator to allow only certain people to access the LDAP database, and optionally keep certain data private. Schema:a way to describe the format and attributes of data in the server. It is a popular standard for communicating record-based, directory-like data between programs.
What are its uses?
• Several Netscape applications, including web browsers using the Netscape Roaming Access feature, are LDAP-enabled.
• Email, as most corporate email servers obtain email addresses and other user information directly from an LDAP server.
• Authentication, which relies on centralized storage of user identities and authentication information such as passwords or digital certificates.
• Single sign-on (SSO), which provides access from a centralized point to multiple applications (users log into a portal and can then access all applications available to them without additional authentication).
• Authorization, for which LDAP provides storage and management of the rights and privileges an authenticated user has in a particular application.
• Provisioning, or providing only what a particular users needs (for example, one employee might be able to access SAP or Oracle Financials via a link on a portal or Web page, while a partner isn't even shown those options).
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