[AI] Help needed regarding the technical writingand other accessible careers for VIs.

Roopakshi Pathania r_akshi_tgk at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 23 12:26:28 EDT 2008


In addition to the information you may have already
got, I would like to talk about 2 of the softwares you
Photoshop is Adobe's image and bitmap menupelation
software. You would probably required to add affects
and change shapes of an image.
While the menue commands of photoshop. may be
accessed, the output or even the input would not be

MS-Visio is a technical drawing tool from Microsoft.

As a part of a person's PHD, a plugin for visually
challenged using Visio has been developed, but it has
limited functionality.
You can get the plugin from

Go to the bottom of the page.

--- govind reddy <sgreddy4 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear list members,
> Firstly, I'm sorry for the horible mistakes that
> I've made in my
> previous mail since they were not written with my
> own hands.
> A week ago I posted my requested about the
> accessible careers for
> visually impaired, followed by the technical
> writing, unfortunately
> not many responses.
> Is there any horible mistake with my English?
> for your conveenience I'm posting the request again
> with necessary corrections.
> i am to undergo a training program in technical
> writing at " Tech-Total " in
> Hyderabad.
> They agree to teach me the seven tools used in
> technical writing. They are one
> ms-word, ms-power point,ms-visio,Adobe Frame maker
> ,photoshop, snag It of
> Tech smith and robo-help. Could any one please tell
> me how far these
> tools especially the last five are Accessible with
> Jaws8 or above .If
> u have any additional information about it please do
> let me know.
> Members can reply to
> my personal to my personal e-mail at
> sgreddy4 at gmail.com
>  instead of increasing
> the traffic on the list.
> Thankyou
> Warm regards
> Govind.
> M: 9959392651
> technical writing
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