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Thank you for the response especially Subramani. I am glad your form is in.
I would have felt that the work is incomplete had your name not been in it.
Some of you have felt that you have not received the form that is true.
To clarify I had sent emails to about 75 people. I had started withsome
areas. This was random.  As and when I found an address I just emailed it to
that person.   Out of the first bunch of 75 we received responses from about
25. A very lovely lady volunteer called meetul is actually doing the work.
She cannot believe it that we dont want to do a small thing like filling a
one page form. On Friday night she was feeling so disheartened so I thought
a wake up mail would be good. Those who have received the form would fill it
up immediately and those who will get it in the future will not have to be

As I mentioned Xrcvc had already emailed the form on accessindia last year
and seeing the response I did not think it wise to do so again but now I am
going to email it once again on accessindia and my request is that you
please fill it up and send it in without waiting for a personal mail from
me.Also please ask your friends to fill it up since a lot of people are not
on accessindia.

the database was originally designed to collect data about visually
challenged people who are working but looking at the enthusiastic response
from the students I think we are going to create a database of students
which will then slowly but hopefully shifted to the database of working

Prof Shyam you are absolutely right that a database is valuable only if it
is updated regularly. The first issue is that there must be data and thats
what I am collecting. this database will be online and it is everyones duty
to inform if they know of any changes and last but not the least I think we
will be doing a follow up  every year. Be prepared for a long wake up mail
next year as well.
Rupakshi you are correct and forward thinking. At present I am collecting
the infromation for XRCVC and as a promise I made to the chairman of the
Employment Department of NAB India.I know the tabulation is going to be in
Exel and it is going to be online.all the other technical details I will not
interfere with. Even if we have a basic database it can be expanded upon and
The target of course is to have as much information as possibel and as many
names however realistically I would think about 2000 people who are working
and as many students would be a good start. I think we have about 100 of 
each  and lots of incomplete data at present. After collecting the 
information about people who are using email we will have to move towards 
the ones who are not. We will be sending snail mail and telephoning and I 
think thats going to be the real challenge. I dont think that getting your 
information will be very difficult so please dont make it difficult for me 
or Meetul.
A big thank you to Renuka and several others who have been helping with 
names and email addresses and who have personally been forwarding the forms.
Thank you all for the seriousness with which you take my mails and support 
my efforts.   Kanchan
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>I must admit that I am one of the "guilty party " who have not filled in
> the data sheet on time and finally did so after Kanchan's pestering and
> prodding (I felt lazy to fill in just one form and send it just once by
> email but she must have mailed me at least thrice to get this done). I
> feel really bad for not having done it in the first instance. But,
> thanks to her effort, it's finally done.
> Subramani
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> Respected madam:
> I'm extremely sorry for not aware of such an important data base.
> Would you please tell me where do I get the form? Is there any
> website? If so please give me the website address. Once again I'm very
> sorry for asking the details.
> With warm regards
> -- 
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