[AI] Help needed regarding the technical writingand otheraccessible careers for VIs.

Geetha Shamanna geetha at millernorbert.de
Sat Jun 21 11:13:06 EDT 2008

Hi Govind,

I had unsubscribed from the list for a while and did not see your previous 
message. I am sending my response to the list, as others who intend to take 
up technical writing as a career can also benefit from it.

Among the tools you mention, I worked extensively with RoboHelp and Adobe 
FrameMaker. While RoboHelp was nearly completely accessible, FrameMaker was 
almost totally inaccessible. Both RoboHelp and FrameMaker have come a long 
way in the six years since I stopped working as a technical writer, and 
things could have improved in the newer versions.

I suggest that you enroll in this course and get as much out of it as 
possible. The certificate will help you find a job, and once you have the 
job, you can negotiate with the employer to allow you to do what you can do 
best, which is write.

Meanwhile, in addition to the course, ensure that you hone your technical 
writing skills as much as possible. Read technical magazines and manuals and 
try to write step-by-step instructions for performing various tasks on the 
computer. Since your profficiency in using the tools will be below par when 
compared to your sighted counterparts due to their inaccessibility, your 
best bet would be to impress your prospective employer with your writing 
skills. So try to concentrate your energy on that.

Hope this helps.


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> Dear list members,
> Firstly, I'm sorry for the horible mistakes that I've made in my
> previous mail since they were not written with my own hands.
> A week ago I posted my requested about the accessible careers for
> visually impaired, followed by the technical writing, unfortunately
> not many responses.
> Is there any horible mistake with my English?
> for your conveenience I'm posting the request again with necessary 
> corrections.
> i am to undergo a training program in technical writing at " Tech-Total " 
> in
> Hyderabad.
> They agree to teach me the seven tools used in technical writing. They are 
> one
> ms-word, ms-power point,ms-visio,Adobe Frame maker ,photoshop, snag It of
> Tech smith and robo-help. Could any one please tell me how far these
> tools especially the last five are Accessible with Jaws8 or above .If
> u have any additional information about it please do let me know.
> Members can reply to
> my personal to my personal e-mail at
> sgreddy4 at gmail.com
> instead of increasing
> the traffic on the list.
> Thankyou
> Warm regards
> Govind.
> M: 9959392651
> technical writing
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