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Kindly tell how and whom to send our informatio.
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> About  a year ago XRCVC had emailed a form on accessindia requesting 
> members to complete the same with their respective information but hardly 
> any one had replied.
> I have personally taken up this project.
> For the last 2 months I have been writing to many of you personally 
> requesting you to send your information in but hardly any of you have 
> bothered. I had decided to ask a few members at a time so that I could 
> have personal interaction and as yu do not seem to like to respond to 
> general mails.
> It is shocking that you have not understood the need for a database .
> There are many reasons for wanting to have a consolidated online database 
> and I will just explain a few.
> 1. When job mapping is done at companies the facilitator has an  all India 
> reference and it is easier to convince the companies.
> 2. When parents of visually challenged  and the newly visually challenged 
> visit Associations for help they are generally scared and disheartened by 
> the disability. These organisations could use the database to increase the 
> confidence levels. Its like when I was going blind I thought for a little 
> while that I would never be able to continue with my career till I saw 
> Deepak Motiwala a blind senior Solicitor doing well in his career. I was 
> lucky that I did not have difficulty finding Deepak's name or address what 
> would have happened had he been from another city and I hadnt been told 
> about him. This database will be online and will be useful to both 
> organisations working for the welfare of the visually challenged and the 
> challenged themselves.
> 3. About a month ago Amar Jain had asked on accessindia, the names of 
> Visually challenged lawyers. Did any of you notice that there were so many 
> lawyers on and off this list but none of us could give a complete list or 
> a reasonablly  good list. Had this database been available this question 
> would not have arisen and the replies would have been better and Amar's 
> job done faster.
> 4. There was an email from Prateek agarwal regarding IT sector but he has 
> not specified in what part of IT sector does he want information. The 
> database would have helped him.
> 5. Last week I was fighting a case against the Maharashtra Public Services 
> Commission for a totally blind candidate. Even though the question was not 
> before the Court but the Court did ask casually that could a totally Blind 
> person do the work of a Naib Tahsildar. Of course I said yes but had I 
> known at that time that our very own Rajesh Assudani had got the 
> appointment letter from the very same Commission for the post of Naib 
> Tahsildar the Court would have passed the order much faster.
> I hope I have explained my case for the database and all of you will send 
> in your details and especially the 75 people who have got mails on this 
> issue from me. please ask your friends and do definitely make it a point 
> to do it this weekend. I will not stop sending you reminders but you 
> better take responsibility too.
> Thanks for reading this mail and sorry for being so direct about this 
> issue. I was losing hope about ever finishing this project.
> A very big thank you to those who have filled up their details and sent 
> the forms.
> Regards Kanchan
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