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pamnani pamnani at vsnl.com
Sat Jun 21 00:40:59 EDT 2008

About  a year ago XRCVC had emailed a form on accessindia requesting members to complete the same with their respective information but hardly any one had replied.
I have personally taken up this project.  
For the last 2 months I have been writing to many of you personally requesting you to send your information in but hardly any of you have bothered. I had decided to ask a few members at a time so that I could have personal interaction and as yu do not seem to like to respond to general mails.   
It is shocking that you have not understood the need for a database .

There are many reasons for wanting to have a consolidated online database and I will just explain a few.

1. When job mapping is done at companies the facilitator has an  all India reference and it is easier to convince the companies. 
2. When parents of visually challenged  and the newly visually challenged visit Associations for help they are generally scared and disheartened by the disability. These organisations could use the database to increase the confidence levels. Its like when I was going blind I thought for a little while that I would never be able to continue with my career till I saw Deepak Motiwala a blind senior Solicitor doing well in his career. I was lucky that I did not have difficulty finding Deepak's name or address what would have happened had he been from another city and I hadnt been told about him. This database will be online and will be useful to both organisations working for the welfare of the visually challenged and the challenged themselves.   
3. About a month ago Amar Jain had asked on accessindia, the names of Visually challenged lawyers. Did any of you notice that there were so many lawyers on and off this list but none of us could give a complete list or a reasonablly  good list. Had this database been available this question would not have arisen and the replies would have been better and Amar's job done faster. 
4. There was an email from Prateek agarwal regarding IT sector but he has not specified in what part of IT sector does he want information. The database would have helped him.
5. Last week I was fighting a case against the Maharashtra Public Services Commission for a totally blind candidate. Even though the question was not before the Court but the Court did ask casually that could a totally Blind person do the work of a Naib Tahsildar. Of course I said yes but had I known at that time that our very own Rajesh Assudani had got the appointment letter from the very same Commission for the post of Naib Tahsildar the Court would have passed the order much faster. 

I hope I have explained my case for the database and all of you will send in your details and especially the 75 people who have got mails on this issue from me. please ask your friends and do definitely make it a point to do it this weekend. I will not stop sending you reminders but you better take responsibility too. 

Thanks for reading this mail and sorry for being so direct about this issue. I was losing hope about ever finishing this project. 

A very big thank you to those who have filled up their details and sent the forms. 
Regards Kanchan  

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