[AI] laptop with OS and JAWS

Rishi Kewalramani rishi.kewalramani at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 06:59:27 EDT 2008

Apologies for the late response. Recently got a Dell Vostro 1710( just
launched last month in India) because it
was the only model that had the option of having XP preloaded with a very
good configuration. I don't have Jaws 9, hence didn't want to take a risk
with Vista( at least for the time being). Went for a 17 inches screen since
it gives me the ease of a
desktop by
having a full keyboard with the number keypad. Also the 17 inches suits my
partial eyesight. Of course, it gets a little heavier, but that's fine with
me. made sure that it came with
an in-built microphone.
You can check out the other specifications at Dell's web site.

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> friends,
> i wish to consult the list upon the here below given considerations if one
intends to buy a laptop.
> 1. whether it is advisable to buy a laptop with Vista OS loaded or Blank
without a OS and load win xp on it. Is anyone using jaws on a laptop with
vista and what version of vista would it be? please give your views on it.
> 2. understanding that i have decided the basic hardware configuration that
i shall require, which would be the prefered brand of laptops providing for
the best output with jaws?
> 3. are there any particular parameters that should be
> considered, which i may have overlooked, while making the decision?
> warm regards,
> Muffi.
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