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hey folks, the following information may help you.

The seventh largest cellular company of India Spice Telecom has
launched a mobile handset model targeting the rural public of Punjab
as a combo offer with
a Spice connection at just Rs 599 in Punjab, targeting the rural market.

Features of Spice S 300 Mobile Phone @ Rs 599 (600):
List of 12 items
1. It includes audio interface system in the place of LCD screen
comprising Red LED and Blue LED for giving alerts to those who cannot
read the instruction
of the mobile, can operate it through its audio system.
2. Special feature of this handset is 'its battery' that can be
charged from any other's mobile charger (universal charger), which is
a unique feature for
any mobile set.
3. Its speed dial system allows the users to store the often used
numbers that can be dialed with the simple push of a button.
4. With 'Sabka Mobile' offer, it is available in both pre-paid and
post-paid connection scheme with three years warranty for the handset.
5. In Pre-paid connection, it is available in just Rs.599 with
lifetime validity, in which call rate is 50 paise per minute from
Spice to Spice network,
65 paise per minute from Spice to other GSM network, while for CDMA
and Landline phones, its call rate is Rs. 1.10.
6. It is also available with only Sim Connection in Rs. 101, Sim
connection with one year validity in Rs.148, while Sim connection with
zero rental and
one-year validity in just Rs.198.
7. In post-paid connection, it is available in just Rs.35 fixed rental
with Spice S 300 GSM handset model. The call rates for Spice-to-Spice
local call
are 10 paise per minute while calls from Spice to other local numbers
cost 75 paise per minute.
8. In future, you may see additnal 'Brail' language in the spice
handset for the blind people.
9. It has a life-long battery with 3 hours talk time translating 15
days battery back up in standby mode
10. No SMS function is available due to lack of LCD screen.
11. Speakerphone and speed dialing is other additional features of this handset,
12. The language of the mobile is in Hindi, English and Punjabi
indicating that it is 'built for all'
list end
Spice Telecom chief operating officer Subodh Srivastava said. "We are
targeting rural Punjab with this combo offer. 'Sabka mobile' will
certainly enhance
our penetration in Punjab. The mobile penetration in Punjab is at
45.67 per cent. Right now mobile adoption is mostly centered in the
urban areas, whereas
the majority of the population is living in rural areas".
acording to him, this mobile is not only useful for general public,
but blind/ visually impaired people can also find there work easy by
using it.

so if you are living in panjab, go and drag this offer!

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