[AI] Internet will run out of addresses by 2010

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Wed Jun 18 05:46:53 EDT 2008

Internet will run out of addresses by 2010


Melbourne: The Internet will run out of addresses in another two years as only 700 million separate addresses are remaining for allocation out of the 4.3
billion available on the present network. 

When originally developed, Internet planners assumed four billion IP addresses would serve the world when using the Internet, The Australian reported.

Geoff Huston – chief scientist of the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre, which manages address allocation within the region – said he hovered between
calling the situation a challenge or a crisis. 

A shortfall in addresses would stifle networking of small and simple devices for energy management for lighting, intelligent building systems and remote-control

In order to address the situation, all Internet users would have to move to an upgraded platform – called 

Internet Protocol v6. This technology would allow access to the 340 trillion-trillion-trillion new addresses needed to connect not only billions of new
users, but also the trillions of sensor devices that will require networking as technology takes greater control of people’s lives. 

“IPv6 provides more addresses in cyberspace than there are grains of sands on the world’s beaches,” said Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Information

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