[AI] Mobile phones are injurious to health

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Mobile phones are injurious to health, says report 

Sandeep Joshi 

      Children and pregnant women are more susceptible to their health hazards  


Radio frequency energy released by mobiles can damage brain tissues

Persons using medical aids such as pace makers should minimise cell phone use


NEW DELHI: Electromagnetic radiation from base station antennas of mobile networks and mobile phones could pose serious health hazards to people, particularly children below 16 years, pregnant women and those using medical aids, according to a report issued by the Telecommunication Engineering Centre that comes under the Department of Telecommunications.

Seeking strict regulations for installing antennas to protect people from radiation, the report says that continuous use of mobile phone for longer duration may damage some brain tissues. Using hands-free facility seems to be a better option, if longer use is unavoidable.

The report says: "The studies of possible hazards to human health from exposure to radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields suggest that there is need to control the unwanted exposure as per the World Health Organisation guidelines."

According to the report, mobile phones and radio terminals radiate RF energy that heats up the tissues. During use, mobile phones are kept close to the ear, which is very near to the brain, and may damage some of its tissues. 

Children below 16 years should be discouraged from using mobile phones. 

Similarly, the use of mobiles by persons using medical aids such as pace makers, defibrillators, hearing aids cochlear implants and other implants should be minimised. The use of mobile phones or radio terminals in vulnerable areas of hospitals such as intensive care units should be restricted. To educate a consumer about radiation from a mobile handset, the specific absorption rate value for each hand set should be provided by the manufacturers on the website as well as in the user's manual, as per the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection guidelines. This is as per international approach taken in the year 2000 and agreed upon by manufacturers. If possible, SAR information as option on screen of mobile phone or radio terminal may be made available, says the report.

The radio frequency electromagnetic field generated around the base station antenna may be harmful to general public and operator or maintenance personnel. The practice of installing antennas needs to be regulated in order to protect the general public from undesired effects caused by electromagnetic fields around the antenna, it says.

Source: "The Hindu--National", date: 18-06-2008

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