[AI] AI convention

H P Kotian hpkotian at rbi.org.in
Tue Jun 17 06:24:14 EDT 2008

Hi all

I was getting a lot of enquiries when we would conduct our 2nd Access-India convention. We now have good news for you all.

It shall be held at Ahmedabad on September 14th and 15th. BOA Ahmedabad has kindly consented to partner with us for conducting it.

Incidentally, Computer society of India (CSI) is organizing their conference at Ahmedabad on September 12, 13th. We have timed it accordingly to enable our members to participate enthusiastically in both the events.

The theme of the CSI conference and their URL is given below.

We are making this early announcement to facilitate members to book their journey well in advance.

We solicit your ideas and inputs to make your convention as what you want to make of it. We are open  to that idea.

So friends, you have a great opportunity to go beyond letters through mails on AI and meet up with all the different folks in person who have penned the interesting and informative mails flowing everyday into to our in-box.

Personally, I am looking forward and eager to meet up with all of you.
Warmly yours


To disseminate information how emerging technologies of ICT could empower Differently Abled Persons.

To understand needs of Differently Abled Persons in using ICT Tools.

To demonstrate skills of Differently Abled Persons in using ICT.

To provide a platform for researchers/students/teachers to share their knowledge.

To discuss positive side of employing Differently Abled Persons.

ICT for Eduction and Training of DAP and Teachers.

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