[AI] Who'd like to answer my five interesting queries today?

balaram chess.balaram at asianetindia.com
Tue Jun 17 02:48:26 EDT 2008

Very useful info indeed.
I couldn't work with that wizzard because of the JAWS accessibility
issue.On Tue, 2008-06-17 at 14:53 +0530, palakodeti venkata satya vijay
kumar wrote:
> Dear members:
> You can also upload a file to "Send Space" by following way.
> 1. Download "Send space Upload Wizard Tool" from the "Send Space"
> website and install it in your P.C.
> 2. Now press the "application" button on the file which you want
> upload to "Send Space" website. Then press down arrow until you find
> the option "Upload to Send space" and press "enter" on it. The file
> will be uploaded to the site.
> 3. It is better to register to "Send Space" website so that you can
> retrieve the U.R.L. of the file that you have uploaded to "Send Space"
> site.
> The above process will not only make the upload task very easy but
> also will save your time.
> Hope this information will be helpful to you.
> With warm regards

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