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One step up
Here’s a site that helps you learn those skills in time for your appraisal
We all come with a set of skill sets, but it’s the internal training that shapes us into a certain mould to fit into a company’s needs. Corporate houses, IT companies and education institutions prefer imparting regular training to  their employees and students to keep them abreast of industrial changes and trends. Gurukulonline.co.in, a portal that was formed primarily to aid organisations to help train their employees in various fields with the help of e-learning, has also extended their technology to educational institutions as well as individuals.
Gurukulonline bridges the geographical gap when it comes to training employees in a corporate set up. The site provides its customers a complete virtual training zone to conduct sessions, meetings and more.
Corporate deal 
GOLS provides e-learning environment for consulting, technology R&D, content development, learning infrastructure deployment, training and support, all which lead to a successful deployment.
Corporate varsity, another offering from GOLS, is meant to be an organisation’s virtual training zone. It is an environment that empowers training managers to deliver training across geographies without having to travel.
Simultaneously, it enables a training experience that can be matched with the benefits of traditional classroom sessions. Employees from across an organisation can log on to their corporate varsity and attend induction training, learn about new products, pricing strategies and more. Training managers can monitor and track progress of ongoing training irrespective of numbers and geography at the same time with the help of this technology.
The right fit
ASSESS, the third solution from GOLS, allows companies to evaluate potential employees online and create customised tests which can be hosted on GOLS servers, or choose from an existing list of tests on varied topics and domains. The same product can be used to test effectiveness of your training programmes, or evaluate product, process or service knowledge of your employees/dealers/partners.
Another product from the company, titled Panacea is an enterprise solution developed after many years of painstaking research. It is an end-to-end solution that lets you test, train, interview and recruit across the country.
Campus life
For educational institutes, a lot of the products are quite similar, tweaked to suit the teaching segment. Three of their products among others score top points for being innovative. Invincible, the latest addition to the GOLS product line can be defined as hosted examination question paper generation, distribution and printing solutions using secure Internet. It reduces time between question paper, drafting, approval, printing and distribution from months and weeks to days and even just a few hours before the exams so that no time is available for leakages.
No cheating
Here, different authors key the questions into the bank, possibly a few days (or couple of weeks) before the examination. However, the final question paper is set just an hour or two before the beginning of the exam. The digital question paper is transferred using 128-bit encryption from the server to the exam centres. The actual printing of question paper takes place at the exam centres using medium/high speed printers, which are available easily and at competitive prices and distributed to students. Students can also now, learn from anywhere and at anytime. GOLS next product, Classroom Replay is an easy, effective solution to video lectures employing interactive video, to tutor students anytime, anywhere.

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